Nuwanthi Senaratne Discusses the Possibility of Developing Regional Value Chain in South Asia

24 July 2020

IPS Research Assistant, Nuwanthi Senaratne, recently highlighted the need for improved cross-border trade within the South Asian region and discussed ways in which regional value chains can be developed. She noted that better trade facilitation and the reduction of both tariff and non-tariff barriers are essential to improve the region’s trade and thereby development. Reducing import restrictions and facilitating imports would be crucial in value chain development, which would lead to higher export earnings.

In line with this, Ms. Senaratne also noted that governments should shift away from policies aimed towards import restriction, as this hinders production and economic activity within individual nations.

The discussion on the ‘The Possibility of Developing Regional Value Chain in South Asia’ was organised by the Indian public policy think tank, Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF). The sub-regional panel discussion included speakers from the South Asian region including, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.