Non-state Actors in Education in Sri Lanka: A Country Study

This study focuses on many dimensions of non-state education in Sri Lanka: provision, financing, regulation, innovations and policy influence across five education levels: pre-primary, primary and secondary, technical and vocational, tertiary and adult. It examines the current state of the sector and perspectives, regulatory and financing policy developments that led to the current state of affairs and important recent trends that will have implications for policy development in the near term. The analysis involves a mapping of the education system actors who are operating in the different domains of activity, such as formal schooling and university, textbook and technology provision, infrastructure and school meals, and financing and regulating education. It also analyses policies and regulations relevant to non-state actors on paper, and explores how it functions. The study findings will be presented as a background paper for the 2021/2 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Regional Report on non-state actors in the South Asia Region.

Research team

Nisha Arunatilake
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Ashani Abayasekara
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Thisali de Silva
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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)