Nimesha Dissanayaka speaks on climate change at TIMUN

5 February 2021

Nimesha Dissanayaka, Research Officer, IPS, made a presentation on climate change at ‘The International Model United Nations (TIMUN) V Session’ held virtually from 5-7 February 2021. Her presentation was titled ‘Developing National Response Plans to Increase Resilience Against Prospective Climate Change Hazards and Disasters’ under TIMUN V Session Committee ‘United Nations Environment Programme’. Nimesha explained the climate change hazards Sri Lanka faces and elaborated on the national response plans and policies which aim to build resilience against prospective disasters.

TIMUN is a simulation on international relations and closely parallels proceedings of the United Nations. Held annually in Colombo, TIMUN provides young leaders with a platform to discuss the most pressing issues of the day and to formulate innovative solutions to address them.

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climate change at TIMUN
climate change at TIMUN