New CPD/IPS/SV study calls for a redistributive approach in apparel value chain

9 June 2021

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh and IPS, in partnership with Southern Voice, published a study on the ‘Recovery of the Apparel Sectors of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from the COVID-19 Crisis: Is a Value-chain-based Solution Possible?’, which explores a value-chain-based solution for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in which the major market players adopt responsible business practices for sustainable recovery.

The analysis showed that if the pre-COVID market share of export orders could be maintained in the case of the largest supplying country, China, an additional USD 2 billion worth of orders could be redistributed to supplying countries.

This study suggests that in the case of a major global crisis a redistributive approach should be taken to ensure that export orders remain at least at the pre-crisis levels, particularly for countries that have fiscal constraints and weak social support programmes for their suppliers and workers.

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