National Health Accounts 2012





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The National Health Accounts (NHA) is indispensable for tracking trends in health spending and its detail analysis provides greater emphasis on comparison over time. Further, it can be used to compare health expenditure across countries and project the growth in the future nationally. Health account framework is an internationally accepted methodology that is used to compare it across countries with internationally comparable expenditure data and nationally, it describes the health system from an expenditure perspective.

The Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka which introduced the The Sri Lanka National Health Account (SLNHA) project, publicized the first series in 2002 June and provided health expenditure for the period covering 1990 -1999. The first project was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, IDA and WB. Since then, the IPS has been engaged in constructing NHA and this report is the 6th in the series. The new series followed the guideline of SHA 20111 while previous accounts reports followed the guidelines of SHA 1.0.

Sri Lanka NHA 2012 provides estimates of National Health Expenditure by source of funds, by function and by provider for the year 2012. This report provides the guiding principle of consumption of health care services and goods by the resident population of Sri Lanka.