“Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia ”

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Sage Publications,
New Delhi, India



Published Year

June 2011


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Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia explores the impact of migration on development in South Asian countries, compiling extensive information on the migration flows and trends, migrant remittances and migration policies. It discusses a number of proposals for effective cooperation on protection of migrant rights and promotion of migration and development linkages.

Through a nuanced look at the role of remittances in bringing about development, it takes cognizance of the fact that remittances alone are unlikely to lift people out of poverty; rather, it is their interplay with other economic, social and cultural factors which determines the scale and type of impact that remittances can have on poverty reduction.

The book also examines how migration should be brought into the mainstream of development planning where development must be understood as a dynamic process implying growth, advancement, empowerment and progress, with the goal of enlarging the scope of human choices and creating an environment where citizens can live with dignity and equality.

Reviews and Highlights in the Media

Journal of South Asian Development, August, 2013

Review by P. A. Mathew
Director, FISAT Business School
Cochin, Kerala, India

‘It is a comprehensive attempt to map the challenges and opportunities posed by migration and show how the individual countries have had an impact in terms of development due the effects of migration. It shows the dis¬tinct characteristics of South Asian migration, differences and similarities in indi¬vidual countries’ approach to migration and the limitation in terms of regional cooperation in regard to migration flows and protection of migrant workers.’
Trade Insight, Vol.7.No.3-4, 2011

Review by Yurendra Basnett
Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute, London, U.K.

“The book Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia, edited by Saman Kelegama, is a timely and seminal contribution to the literature on labour migration and development in the region. It contains eight country studies, each authored by formidable thinkers on the topic. There is a chapter that discusses labour migration, remittance and development from a regional perspective. The book concludes by making a case as well as providing guidelines for the establishment of a South Asia Migration Commission.”
The Sunday Times, 24th July 2011,
Review by Nimal Sanderatne, Senior Fellow, Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture,
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

“This book of 11 chapters consists three parts. It begins with an introduction to the book by the editor that brings out salient issues related to migration and gives an overview of the country studies and the policy recommendations. This is invaluable to readers who may select only some case studies. The overview summarizes the features of each country situation and policy issues. The second section has the eight country studies of South Asia. The third section consists of two chapters, one that argues the case for policy measures to improve the migration conditions and the other that argues for a Commission on migration in South Asia.”