Migration and Development Country Assessment to Identify Current National Goals and Priorities to Mainstream Migration into Development Strategies of Sri Lanka

The proposed study aims to serve as a scoping exercise for mainstreaming migration into development and provide a preliminary country assessment to develop evidence-based data on the nexus between Migration and Development (M&D) in Sri Lanka and to provide recommendations for future mainstreaming migration into development strategies. This study will be a part of the ongoing regional project ‘Enhancing Capacities for Effective UN Engagement in Asia and the Pacific’, supported by the IOM funding arm – Migration Resource Allocation Committee (MIRAC).

The M&D country assessment will be designed in close consultation with IPS, IOM and key government stakeholders. Subsequently, IOM – in coordination with IPS – will share validated findings and recommendations of this assessment with all key non-governmental and governmental stakeholders with the objective of initiating a national inclusive dialogue on how to include M&D planning and to address the developmental challenges and opportunities stemming from migration.

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Research team

Bilesha Weeraratne
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Harini Weerasekera
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Thilini Bandara
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International Organization for Migration (IOM), Sri Lanka