Manoj Thibbotuwawa Speaks on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture

05 – 09 May 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh

IPS Research Fellow and Head of Agricultural Policy Research, Manoj Thibbotuwawa, recently highlighted the importance of increasing the adaptive capacity of vulnerable farmers through investments on climate-smart technologies and reliable weather and climate information products. While noting the poor ranking (2nd) of Sri Lanka in the Global Climate Risk Index-2019 report, he also discussed the need for establishing surveillance and monitoring facilities for early detection of climate-induced hazards and introducing risk management instruments such as climate insurance schemes.

Dr. Thibbotuwawa made these remarks during the Sri Lanka country presentation at the ‘Regional Workshop on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture’, organised by the National Productivity Organisation (NPO), Bangladesh, in collaboration with the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), held in Dhaka on 05 – 09 May 2019.

The forum aimed at reviewing climate-resilient farming models, formulating strategic action plans for promoting successful models and best practices of climate-resilient farming in member countries, enhancing the adoption of innovative climate-resilient practices in the participating countries, and contributing to the sustainable productivity in agriculture and the national food security of member countries.