Making Permanent Jobs Accessible: Learning from Slovenia’s Experience

14 November 2017
IPS, Sri Lanka

Prof. Milan Vodopivec, formerly a lead economist at the World Bank and the State Undersecretary at the Ministry of Labour of Slovenia, says Sri Lanka should improve access to permanent jobs for all and make the labour market more flexible.

Prof. Vodopivec, who made a presentation on ‘Making Permanent Jobs More Accessible: Slovenia’s 2013 Labour Market Reforms’ at IPS on 14 November 2017,  recommended introducing measures to enhance skills/employability of low income workers. He also noted that it was important to introduce an unemployment insurance program suitable for Sri Lanka, to provide income protection while improving labour market flexibility.

During the presentation, Prof. Vodopivec also highlighted the importance of reforming Sri Lanka’s Termination of Employment of Workmen Act (TEWA), particularly unpredictable dismissal procedures.