Lecture on Improving the Ease of Doing Business in a Federal Polity

June 16, 2016
IPS Auditorium

A lecture on ‘Improving the Ease of Doing Business in a Federal Polity: A Case Study of Modi’s India’ presented by Resident Senior Fellow in Political Economy at IDFC Institute, by Dr. Vivek Dehejia was held at the IPS Auditorium. It was organized by the IPS together with the Agency for Development.

The lecture was based on an enterprise survey currently conducted by NITI Aayog in partnership with the IDFC Institute. The survey is the first of its kind, covering 29 states and the 7 Union Territories – on providing valuable inputs to a policy framework at the subnational level on the investor climate. The objective of the lecture was to draw more information for the on-going task of improving “Doing Business Indicators” in Sri Lanka.

IPS Chairman, Dr. Razeen Sally andManaging Director of the Agency for Development Mangala Yapa and experts in investment policy reforms from the public and private sector participated.