Latest IPS Publication Examines Lessons and Policy Options for Tobacco Smoking Cessation

 20 January 2021

Sri Lanka has made important strides in reducing the overall smoking prevalence rate over time. However, if smoking prevalence is to decrease further, targetted measures are needed to reduce the prevalence rate among the ‘Last Mile Smokers’, according to the latest IPS Publication “Tobacco Smoking Cessation: Lessons and Policy Options for Sri Lanka”.

The Last Mile Smokers refers to the groups in which the smoking prevalence rates are higher than the overall smoking prevalence rate in the country. Last Mile Smokers are, in general, less responsive to system-wide measures such as smoking and advertising bans as well as health awareness campaigns. Penetrating these hard-to-reach groups is important and should be considered as a priority area to slash smoking prevalence Sri Lanka.

The report is authored by Sunimalee Madurawala and Chathurga Karunanayake.

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