Land Health is National Wealth

11-13 October 2017
Dr. Saman Kelegama Auditorium, IPS

IPS Research Fellow, Manoj Thibbotuwawa, revealed that growing scarcity of land, property right issues, encroachment of state lands, land fragmentation, degradation of lands, and complex administrative and regulatory structures were the major policy challenges that affect the land health in Sri Lanka. He also noted that overcoming such challenges needs developing of a rational land use policy that matches with development priorities, adopting modern land management practices to alleviate inefficiencies and rationalizing the institutional and regulatory framework to ensure right implementation.

He made these remarks at the Expert Workshop on Land health is National Wealth, held at Dr. Saman Kelegama Auditorium at IPS on 11-13 October 2017. The workshop, which brought together Sri Lankan and international experts from different disciplines related to land use that include environment, fisheries, forestry, infrastructure and agriculture, was co-organized by the Ministry of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and Blue-Green Economy Financing Facility (BEFF).