Labour Migration in Sri Lanka: Select Annotated Bibiliography

Research team

Dilmani Warnasuriya
Premila Gamage




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Published Year

August 2014


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One main constraint in developing migration related policies in the country is lack of access to resources. This annotated bibliography was prepared as a guide and an easy reference to available scholarly literature on migration in the country which is scarce, scattered and not easily accessible. In the bibliography, literature on international labour migration on Sri Lanka is categorized under eight key thematic areas i.e. Domestic migration control, Employment, Remittances and economic impact, Recruitment, Reintegration, Social cost of labour migration, Social protection, and Welfare and protection. The bibliography covers the ten year period between 2004 and 2014. The types of documents include books, book chapters, conference papers, journal articles, technical reports, working papers, government documents and theses and dissertations. It consists of two main sections. The first section lists the entries of bibliographic references and section two comprises of an author index and title index, for easy reference. Each reference contains information such as an entry number, title, author(s), source, publisher, year of publication, notes and abstracts. The bibliography also contains at least one location where a copy of referred publications found. Additionally, relevant web link is provided when the publication is available online. This annotated bibliography is an extremely useful tool for researchers and policy makers, seeking information on the subject of Labour Migration in Sri Lanka.