Joining the Dots: Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues on Public Financing for Development

23 – 24 January 2020
New Delhi, India

IPS Research Assistant, Chamini Thilanka, was a discussant at the roundtable discussion on ‘Joining the Dots: Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues on Public Financing for Development’, on 23 – 24 January 2020, held in New Delhi, India.

At the discussion, Ms. Thilanka highlighted the importance of public financing for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While the centrality of public financing for development was underscored during the inception of the SDGs, there has since been an increased emphasis on private finance and blended finance for development, she noted. However, the rampant use of private and blended finance essentially implies that private investment can use its discretion to invest in areas where profits are most lucrative, and that public resources will be used to leverage private investment.

Organised by the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) and the Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) in India, the dialogue aimed to bring together various stakeholders from a number of Asian countries including civil society organizations and coalitions, national and international development partners, think tanks, and multilateral bodies.