#IPSSOE Twitter Chat Sheds Light on Sri Lanka’s Economic Outlook and Challenges for the Future

12 December 2017

The current political deadlock experienced in the last few weeks has driven down investor confidence, threatened fiscal consolidation efforts, and dampened economic activity in Sri Lanka – especially in sectors such as tourism, noted IPS researchers recently. Meanwhile, the absence of a government budget for 2019 and an accompanying policy vision means that the private sector will be more risk averse and hold back on any significant investments, they further warned.

These observations were made during the #IPSSOE Twitter Chat, hosted by IPS (@TalkEconomicsSL) to unpack the findings of the Institute’s flagship report, ‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2018’, launched in October. The Twitter Chat, which was held on 12 December 2017, saw the participation of an expert panel of Research Fellows, Research Economists, Research Officers, and Research Assistants from IPS. The online discussion centered on Sri Lanka’s economic outlook, policy direction, and recommendations for the short, medium, and the long term.

Some of the areas that were discussed during the chat were trade, health, education, labour, climate change, disaster risk management, food security, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), social security, and agriculture.