IPS Senior Researchers Participate at the 14th South Asia Economic Summit in Bangladesh

4-5 November 2023

Dr Dushni Weerakoon, Executive Director and Dr Ganga Tilakaratna, Research Fellow, IPS, participated at the 14th South Asia Economic Summit hosted by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh, from 4-5 November 2023.

In her opening remarks at the Summit, Dr Weerakoon noted that profound shifts in economic policy are underway globally. Governments in advanced economies are attempting to cultivate strategically important sectors from semiconductors to electric vehicles, renewable energy and artificial intelligence, with substantial investments. Export bans and import restrictions are being enacted, and FDI flows are being channeled to friendly countries. These developments, happening in the context of great-power competition, hold significant implications for countries in South Asia, both individually and collectively as a region.

The IPS is a partner institute of the South Asia Economic Summit having hosted the inaugural Summit in 2008, followed by the 6th Summit in 2013 and the 12th Summit in 2019.

Watch Dr Dushni Weerakoon’s remarks at the Inaugural Session here.