IPS Researchers Speak at South Asia Economic Network Conference in Bangladesh

07 – 08 September 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh

IPS Research Fellow and Head of Migration and Urbanization, Bilesha Weeraratne, and IPS Research Officer, Ashani Abayasekara, participated in the 4th South Asia Economic Network Conference on Subnational Finance and Local Service Delivery in South Asia at Brac Center, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 07 – 08 September 2019.

The workshop was organised by the South Asia World Bank Group, in partnership with the South Asia Network for Economic Modelling (SANEM), and was attended by researchers from the South Asian region.

Dr. Weeraratne presented a paper titled ‘Subnational Financing and Local Service Delivery: The Case of Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka’, and also served as a discussant at the session on ‘Local Government Finances and Service Delivery’.

Ashani Abayasekara presented a paper on ‘School Funding Formulas in Sri Lanka’, which focused on how successful the Education Quality Inputs (EQI) scheme in Sri Lanka has been in terms of allocation and utilization of funds in schools, and its effect on improving education outcomes.