IPS Researchers Publish Paper on Sri Lanka’s Disengaged Youth in Review of Development Economics

06 August 2019

IPS Research Officers, Ashani Abayasekara and Neluka Gunasekara, recently published their research on Sri Lanka’s youth not in education, employment, or training (NEETs) in the Review of Development Economics.

Using Sri Lankan Labour Force Survey data for the year 2016 and binomial and multinomial logistic regression models, the authors provide the first estimates of NEET‐related risk factors in Sri Lanka. Key risk factors of becoming NEET include being female, being of ethnic and religious minorities, belonging to the older 20 to 24 age group, having very low or very high levels of education, being illiterate in English, belonging to a low‐income household or one headed by a male, having young children, and living in more remote areas.

The paper also holds several important policy implications for reducing the NEET rate in Sri Lanka and engaging more youth in education and in the labor force.

The Review of Development Economics is a leading journal publishing high-quality research in development economics. It publishes rigorous analytical papers, theoretical and empirical, which deal with contemporary growth problems of developing countries, including the transition economies.

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