IPS Researcher Discusses Sri Lanka’s Status on SDGs

04 – 06 October 2018
New Delhi, India

IPS Research Officer, Chinthani Sooriyamudali, recently discussed Sri Lanka’s status and issues with regard to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10 on reducing inequalities. She was speaking as a panelist at the session on ‘Review of Selected Goals for HLPF 2019 in South Asia’ at the South Asia Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals on 04 – 05 October 2018, in New Delhi India.

While in New Delhi, Ms. Sooriyamudali also spoke about the role and potential of South Asian think-tanks to take collaborative action with regard to the SDGs at the Regional Policy Dialogue on Unlocking the Potential of Regional Cooperation in South Asia on 06 October 2018. Here, she was a panelist at the session on ‘Roundtable on Think-tanks Cooperation for Achievement of SDGs in South Asia’.