IPS Research Fellow Highlights Costs of Low Skilled Migrants in South Korea

31 October 2019
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Sejong, South Korea

The Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) held a Visiting Scholar Seminar on 31 October 2019, where  IPS Research Fellow, Janaka Wijayasiri made a presentation on ‘Costs of Low Skilled Migrants in South Korea: The Case of Sri Lanka.

Dr. Wijayasiri noted that most Sri Lankan migrant workers to South Korea can be classified as unskilled workers and they choose to seek employment in South Korea due to higher salaries, low recruitment costs, no agency fees, no requirements in terms of specific educational qualification and skills other than proficiency in basic Korean proficiency, and a time-bound legally accepted working visa. He argued that it would be helpful to implement financial literacy programs to increase migrants’ savings behavior, introduce voluntary savings schemes, rationalize various social schemes in Korea as well as Sri Lanka to reduce migration costs at the destination.

Dr. Wijayasiri participated in a month-long Visiting Scholars Program at KEIP, Sejong, South Korea. The seminar was organised to share the results of research conducted during his visiting period with other researchers at KIEP.

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