IPS Director of Research Speaks on Sri Lanka’s Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery

12 June 2020

IPS Director of Research, Nisha Arunatilake, recently noted that the COVID-19 pandemic hit Sri Lanka at a time when the country was vulnerable both economically and politically. She noted that the economy was just starting to recover from the Easter Sunday Bomb attacks of 2019 and its fiscal situation was weak.

To add to this, Sri Lanka had just dissolved the parliament. Given this backdrop, the capacity of the country to invest to reduce the economic costs are weak, Dr. Arunatilake warned. As such, the challenge for the new government is to invest to help a faster recovery and to make reforms to improve the resilience of the country.

She was speaking as a panellist at a webinar on ‘Roadmap to Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery’, organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) on 12 June 2020.

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