Intersectoral Action for Health in Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Public Policies in Sri Lanka: Health in All Policies (HiAp)

Health permeates all aspects of social life. This factor is now being recognized in public policies, with health being included as a policy concern in every governance sector. Health in All Policies (HiAP) is well recognized as a Policy Practice, which emphasizes the need of including and integrating the health component in other policies during the policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Consequently, this policy practice requires a mechanism with the joint leadership within governments, across all sectors, and between levels of government. Therefore, many countries within the region and out have made concerted efforts to integrate health considerations into other public policies which have an impact on health. Sri Lanka currently does not have an integrated governance tool which deals with health in other public policies through policy formulation, implementation and evaluation at a national level. However, it is observed that there are fragmented committees and task forces which address various health issues at different levels.

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Sunimalee Madurawala
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Naomi Jayaratne



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