International Migration Outlook – Sri Lanka, 2008

Research team

Tilani Jayawardhana
Ruwan Jayathilaka


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Published Year

October, 2009


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Having recognized the importance of international migration for Sri Lanka, this report was initiated with the objective of preparing a comprehensive analysis of the current trends, patterns and changes in migration related sectors such as labour migration, permanent migration, student migration, irregular migration, and tourism for the recent years. The report attempts to provide Sri Lanka’s international migration dynamics using the available data. The report acknowledges that there are many gaps in the collection of migration data in Sri Lanka despite recent efforts by the Government for a coordinated approach to data collection. The report by no means provides a total migration picture in Sri Lanka. However, it is a progressive step in the direction for collection and dissemination of migration data for the benefit of policy development and subsequent programme intervention for managing migration for the benefit of Sri Lanka.

The 2008 edition of the International Migration Outlook in Sri Lanka shed more light on the challenges and opportunities ahead of Sri Lanka towards enhancing migration management approaches that uphold the principle “human and orderly migration benefits migrants and society”.


(jointly published with International Organization for Migration)