International Conference on ‘Value Chains for Inclusive Development – Lessons and Policies for South Asia’, BRAC Centre Inn

Dr. Saman Kelegama, Executive Director, IPS, Sunimalee Madurawala, Research Officer, IPS and Ashani Abayasekara, Research Assistant, IPS participated as resource persons at an International Conference on “Value Chains for Inclusive Development: Lessons and Policies for South Asia”, jointly organized by the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi and Capturing the Gains Research Network, University of Manchester, in association with UN-ESCAP, South and South-West Asia Office, New Delhi, Centre for Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness, Duke University, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh and CARE-International, Bangladesh, held in Dhaka on the 24th and 25th of November, 2012.

In the context of the increasing importance of global and regional value chains in channeling global trade and production, the objectives of the conference were to: (a) identify where and how participation in value chains has led to a reduction of poverty; (b) analyze where the economic upgrading (of firms and enterprises) and social upgrading (of workers and smallholders) have occurred and identify challenges in achieving economic and social sustainability within value chains; and (c) discuss ways to promote better and more sustainable and inclusive value chains in developing countries. Areas covered included: (a) experiences of Asian countries in terms of their entry into and movement up global value chains in various sectors such as agro-foods, garments, electronics, tourism, and IT services; (b) regional trade policies and value chains in Asia; and (c) women and value chains in the newly emerging economic environment in Asian countries.

Dr. Kelegama was a panelist at the inaugural session and launch of UN-ESCAP’s Regional Cooperation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: South and South-West Asia Development Report 2012-13. Ashani Abayasekara made a presentation on “Value Chains and Inclusive Development: The Apparel Industry of Sri Lanka” at a parallel session on Clothing and Sports Goods, while Sunimalee Madurawala presented a paper on “Women in Value Chains: Female Participation in the Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka” at a plenary session on Women and Value Chains in the New Asia.

Highlights in the Media:

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