Input Output Tables for Sri Lanka

The integration of input output (I-O) accounting framework in the overall system of national accounts has become an important development of many developed countries’ System of National Accounts (SNA) in recent years following the introduction of SNA93. The first Sri Lankan I-O table was compiled for the year 1963 and since then a number of I-O tables have been compiled for the economy over the last four decades. However, the compilation of I-O tables for the Sri Lankan economy has become irregular compared with many other countries and no attempts have been made to integrate I-O accounting fully into national accounts of Sri Lanka yet (except the publication of supply and use tables for selected commodities). In recent years, there has been a need for an updated I-O table for statistical and analytical purposes. The main objective of this project is, therefore, to compile an I-O database for the Sri Lankan economy for the year 2000.

Research team

Jayatilleke Bandara
Saman Kelegama