Increase Tobacco Taxes and Ban the Sale of Loose Cigarettes to Reduce Tobacco Consumption – Sunimalee Madurawala

03 March 2022

Sri Lanka must increase tobacco taxes regularly in line with inflation and GDP growth rates, and ban the sale of loose cigarettes (single sticks) to make further headway in tobacco control, IPS Research Economist Sunimalee Madurawala asserted. Sunimalee was speaking at a Tobacco Control Partner Event organised by the Cancer Research, UK (CRUK). She also highlighted findings of IPS studies and policy influencing activities conducted under IPS’ Tobacco Control Programme funded by CRUK.

CRUK hosted this webinar as a part of their ‘International Cancer Prevention (ICP) Programme. The ICP Programme focuses on four main areas: policy influencing, technical assistance, policy-relevant research, and global advocacy. Participating in this event, Sunimalee made a presentation on ‘Sri Lanka’s Battle Against Tobacco: Policy Interventions, Achievements, and the Unfinished Agenda’.

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