In-house Seminar on National Cooling Policy of Sri Lanka by Dr Erandathie Pathiraja

30 September 2021

The ‘National Cooling Policy of Sri Lanka’ was the subject of IPS’ in-house seminar this month presented by Research Economist, Dr Erandathie Pathiraja, which is also an ongoing IPS project in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.

She highlighted that although ozone-depleting substances like CFCs have been phased out as refrigerants around the world, some of its alternatives are potent greenhouse gasses that are a thousand times greater than carbon emissions. She noted that changing consumption patterns have resulted in rising global temperatures and have been felt by several developing countries like Sri Lanka, thus making it imperative that an effective cooling policy be in place.

Dr Pathiraja further noted that the National Cooling Policy (NCP) aims to provide, efficient, sustainable and affordable cooling by focusing on thematic areas that cover personal cooling, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and logistical refrigeration. She pointed out that such a policy will promote energy efficiency and sustainable alternative technologies. This also helps the country’s efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).