IMF-World Bank 2012 Annual Meeting

IPS Executive Director was invited as a Discussant for the IMF-World Bank Civil Society Town Hall Meeting of the IMF-World Bank 2012 Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. The IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde; The World Bank President, Jim Kim, and Sheela Patel (second Discussant from India) participated at the Forum where the two Discussants posed questions to the Managing Director of the IMF and the President of the World Bank. As an IMF Fellow, the IPS Executive Director posed the questions to the IMF Managing Director at the Forum.

The Meeting took place on 11 October 2012 at the Tokyo International Forum with more than 200 participants. The Civil Society Forum brought together IMF and World Bank staff, academics, government officials, Civil Society Organization representatives and others to exchange views on a variety of topics ranging from global economic crisis to food security to debt restructuring to health.