ICIMS Can Enhance Farmers’ Resilience to Climate Change Impacts – Ruwan Samaraweera

13 October 2022

IPS Research Officer Ruwan Samaraweera stated that Integrated Climate Information Management Systems (ICIMS) can enhance farmers’ resilience to climate change impacts at the Regional Climate Data Conference organised by GIZ, Bangladesh. The conference brought together relevant stakeholders to discuss ways to make climate data more readily available and accessible in the region. Ruwan’s presentation on ‘Bridging the Climate Information and Communication Gaps for Effective Adaptation Decisions: An Integrated Climate Information Management System (ICIMS)’ introduced the concepts of ICIMS to regional resource persons. In his presentation, Ruwan explained that there is a gap between the probabilistic climate information products (PCIPs) offered by formal institutions and farmers’ local climate knowledge. Climate change diminishes the accuracy and reliability of farmers’ local climate knowledge while the farmers’ acceptance of PCIPs is low. Hence, ICIMS – a combination of PCIPs and farmers’ local knowledge of climate – can enhance farmers’ adaptability and resilience to climate change impacts.