How successful is Samurdhi’s Savings and Credit Programmein Reaching the Poor in Sri Lanka?

The study evaluates key components of the Samurdhi Programme’s savings and credit intervention: the group savings and intra-group credit component, the Samurdhi Bank Programme, and credit for the micro-enterprise development programme. The analysis addresses the following issues: the extent to which the programme has engendered a savings and credit culture among participants; the dynamism and sustainability of Samurdhi’s savings groups and banks; and, the extent to which they have reduced the vulnerability of the poor. The study also looks at the socio-economic impact and sustainability of Samurdhi’s micro-enterprise development credit component (SASANA).
“How Successful is Samurdhi’s Savings and Credit Programme in Reaching the Poor in Sri Lanka?” (1999) by Ramani Gunatilaka and Rozana Salih, Poverty and Social Welfare Series
(IPS Publication)

Research team

Ramani Gunatilaka
Rozana Salih