Handing Over of Report of the Committee on Industrial Estates Issues

A four-member committee appointed by the Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development, Hon. Douglas Devananda, tasked with investigating issues related to IDB Industrial Estates, submitted its Final Report and held a de-briefing at the Ministry premises on14th February 2012. Anushka Wijesinha, Research Economist IPS, is a member of the Committee and was involved in preparing the Final Report.

The Committee was tasked with looking into problems of lease rentals, infrastructure gaps, business development service provision, and other issues relating to industrial estates operated by the IDB, with a view to strengthening the Small and Medium Industry sector.

Other members of the Committee include R Athukorala (Board Member, IDB and UNOPS National Portfolio Development Manager), B P C Kularatne (Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development) and M Medawatte (Chief Accountant, Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development).

Together with the Committee, the Ministry is set to hold stakeholder discussions based on the Report\’s recommendations, in the coming weeks.