Globalization of Family: the Role of the State

24 – 25 July 2017
Colombo, Sri Lanka


IPS Research Fellow, Bilesha Weeraratne, recently spoke on the importance of migrant families in Sri Lanka. She highlighted that one in every nine households has a migrant. However, despite the existence of many concerted policy efforts by the state, many migrant families struggle to improve their socioeconomic status. Dr. Weeraratne noted that one of the reasons for this is the mismanagement of remittances by left behind family. As such, she argued that there is great potential to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and utilization of remittances at the family level.

She made these remarks during a presentation titled ‘Globalization of Family: the Role of the State’ at the Research Workshop on Families, Kin and the State in Sri Lanka organized by the American Institute for Lankan Studies (AILS) on 24 – 25 July 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.