Geneva Trade & Business Connexion – South & South-East Asia

The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacity of private sectors in the participating countries (including Sri Lanka) to input into their WTO delegates positions. Connecting these stakeholders contributes to South & South-East Asian developing and least-developed country negotiating positions more fully aligned with the on-the-ground conditions faced by their business communities and ultimately to improve private sector development at the national level.

IPS functioned as a national facilitator of the project activities in Sri Lanka with CUTS INTERNATIONAL, GENEVA which implemented the project with funding support from the Australian Aid agency (Australian government). Under the project, 5 country update notes were produced by IPS research team on: 1) Agricultural products’ exports: Sanitary & PhytoSanitary barriers faced by exporters in Sri Lanka; 2) WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: Main Issues Faced by SMEs in S&SE Asian Countries and Their Solution; 3) WTO Agreements on Trade in Services: Main Issues Faced by SMEs in Sri Lanka and Their Solution; 4) Manufactured products’ exports: Technical Barriers to Trade faced by exporters in S&SEA countries; 5) Women’s Clothing/Apparel Exports to the US Market: Technical Barriers to Trade faced by exporters in S&SEA countries.

Research team

Janaka Wijayasiri
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Vishvanathan Subramanian
Suwendrani Jayaratne
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