Ganga Tilakaratna Highlights Factors Influencing Labour Force Participation of the Elderly

12 July 2019
World Bank, Washington DC

IPS Research Fellow, Ganga Tilakaratna, presented a paper on ‘Working beyond the Age of Retirement: Patterns and Determinants of Elderly Labor Force Participation in Sri Lanka’ at the SANEM-World Bank Third North America Discussion Forum on Emerging Global Challenges and Development Strategies in South Asia, held at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC, USA on 12 July 2019.

Elaborating the findings of the paper, Dr. Tilakaratna argued that the elders receiving pensions or remittances are less likely to work in their old age, while the receipt of cash transfers like Samurdhi has no significant effect on the elderly labor force participation. Highlighting the other factors influencing the elderly labor force participation, she argued that the income status of elderly is a significant determinant for females, while it has no effect on men.