Gaining Competitive Advantage through the Protection of Geographical Indications: An Analysis of the Tea, Sapphires and Cinnamon Industries of Sri Lanka

Research team

Ravindra A.Yatawara
Amrit Rajapakse


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Published Year

May, 2009


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Based on a study done by the IPS for the National Intellectual Property Office, financed by the World Intellectual Property Organization this publication gives a comprehensive study on Sri Lanka’s tea, sapphire and cinnamon industry. A legal-economic analysis of Geographical Indications (GI) in relation to the tea, blue sapphires, and cinnamon sectors in Sri Lanka suggest that GI strategy would be beneficial for all three sectors. Further, the importance of niche marketing in the global context and the variety and variations in national systems of GI protection suggest the need to base the international protection of each GI on separate legal-economic cost-benefit analyses carried out for each individual key overseas market.

Table of Contents (PDF Format 291 Kb)

by Ravindra A. Yatawara and Amrit Rajapakse