Exploring the Impact of Social, Cultural, and Legal Contexts on Women's Access to Quality Work

In developing countries, insufficient comprehensive studies evaluating the full spectrum of social, legal, and economic factors influencing access, coupled with challenges in quantifying quality work, have
hindered the development of effective policies aimed at enhancing women's access to quality employment. This research contributes to the literature in two main ways: (1) it provides an assessment
of the prevalence of quality work in developing countries using existing labor force surveys; and (2) it assesses legal, social, and infrastructural barriers to women’s access to quality work. This study
summarizes the findings of six country-level case studies from different regions around the world—Peru and Brazil in Latin America, Kenya and Senegal in Africa, and Sri Lanka and the Philippines in Asia, and a cross-national study on the same subject conducted within the same context.

Research team

Dr Nisha Arunatilake
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