Entrepreneurial Marketing has a Positive Impact on SME performance – Thilini Bandara

14 October 2021

Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM) has a positive impact on the performance of Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs), according to Thilini Bandara, Research Assistant at IPS. She made this observation while presenting a paper on ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing Dimensions and SME Performance’ at the 8th International Conference on Social Sciences 2021. The theme of the conference was ‘New Normal to a New Beginning, Formation of a Sustainable Society’.

SMEs are a major driving force for sustainable economic development in both developed and developing countries. However, there are many factors that hamper their growth and survival which leads to business failures in terms of bankruptcy and liquidation. Under these circumstances, EM has been identified as a critical determinant of SME growth and survival since their marketing approaches differs from traditional marketing approaches.

Thilini identified a range of EM dimensions that affect the SME performance as well as the external environment, internal venture environment, and venture approach to marketing as the other variables which have a causal effect on the relationship between EM and SME performance.