Eleventh South Asia Economic Summit on ‘Corridors of Knowledge for Peace and Development’

04 – 07 December 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan

Eleventh South Asia Economic Summit was held under the theme of ‘Corridors of Knowledge for Peace and Development’, in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 04 – 07 December 2018. It was organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)

Speaking at the Summit, IPS Executive Director, Dushni Weerakoon, highlighted challenges in aligning national development strategies to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collating credible data to monitor implementation and raising awareness at all levels of government, private sector, and general public on SDGs as some key lessons from Sri Lanka’s recently concluded Voluntary National Review. She was a panelist to session on “Regional Cooperation for Achieving SDGs in South Asia”.

Dr. Weerakoon further highlighted the need for better revenue mobilisation in South Asia to deal with rising fiscal pressures, especially by way of higher debt thresholds in many economies of the region as a panelist to the session on “Fiscal Policies in South Asia: Why is Revenue Mobilization so Challenging?”. Whilst the high share of services sectors and informal employment in South Asian economies partially account for poor revenue mobilization, she noted that weak institutional and governance factors have also failed to build a social compact on taxes in these countries.