Effectiveness of Child Labour Prevention Strategies in Sri Lanka

This study details the child prevention strategies in place in Sri Lanka, and examines how effective they have been in preventing child labour in the country. Especial attention will be given to examining “worst forms of child labour” in existence in the country, and effectiveness of their prevention strategies. Attention is given to the effectiveness of policies aimed to rehabilitate and compensate children affected by child labour, as well as to policies aiming to punish the offenders.

Research team

Nisha Arunatialke
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Roshani De Silva
Apsara Walpita




Arunatilake, Nisha and Roshani de Silva (2007), ”Issues Relating to Prevention of Child Labour in Sri Lanka” in Gamini Herath and Kishor Sharma (eds.), Child Labour in Sri Lanka, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Hampshire, England.

Asia-Pacific School of Management, Charles Stuart University, Australia