Eco-tourism for Sustainable Forest Management in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka possesses a significant potential for the development of forest-based ecotourism, which at present operates far below the potential and grows at a slower pace. The study aims to identify the main problems and issues in developing forest-based ecotourism in Sri Lanka, to identify the existing management approaches of ecotourism based on their strengths and weaknesses, to review policies and legislations relevant to development of forest based ecotourism, and to recognize existing policy gaps in addressing the identified issues. The study finds that lack of awareness and understanding on benefits of ecotourism among stakeholders of forest-based ecotourism, absence of a coordinated effort between environment and tourism agencies in carrying out ecotourism, non-compliance of some businesses towards true ecotourism principles, absence of quality education services to tourists on environmental and socio-cultural aspects as the main issues and problems in ecotourism development.

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Kanchana Wickramasinghe
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