Dr Ganga Tilakaratna Discusses SDG Challenges and Opportunities in Sri Lanka Amidst Multiple Crises

11-13 January 2024

Achieving SDGs in Sri Lanka has become more challenging now than ever before which requires reversing the adverse effects of the pandemic and the economic crises, says Dr Ganga Tilakaratna, Research Fellow and Head of Poverty and Social Welfare Policy Research, IPS. Although there has been an overall improvement in SDG progress as indicated by the SDG index, the progress of several SDGs including SDG 1 on poverty has been reversed or stagnated in recent years. While there are several challenges to achieving SDGs, financing SDGs is the biggest challenge due to declining government revenue, high debt servicing costs, and constraints to access commercial capital.

Dr Tilakaratna made these remarks at the Global Conclave on ‘Advancing Human Development in Global South‘ organised by the Institute for Human Development (IHD), Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) in partnership with the NITI Aayog of the Government of India held in New Delhi, India on 11-13 January 2024. The Conclave was attended by around 400 scholars, experts, development practitioners, and policymakers from over 40 countries.