Dr Dushni Weerakoon Discusses Sri Lanka’s Debt Challenges at the Wilton Park Conference

13-15 September 2023

IPS’ Executive Director Dr Dushni Weerakoon attended the Wilton Park Conference on Emerging Markets in Debt Distress: Exploring Options for Debt Restructuring, held in the UK, from 13-15 September, 2023. The conference brought together private sector holders of emerging market debt, officials and researchers from creditor and debtor countries and international financial institutions (IFIs).

The key focus of the discussion was on identifying a set of principles to guide and inform the next steps to reduce the debt burden on emerging markets in debt distress, that all major creditors would be willing to consider. Dr Weerakoon presented Sri Lanka’s challenges in a session on case studies of emerging market countries in debt distress, drawing from IPS’ research in this area. The conference was hosted by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the UK.