Dr Bilesha Weeraratne Discusses Migration Trends on TV1’s ‘Face The Nation’

16 August 2023

Participating in ‘Face the Nation’ live panel discussion telecast on TV1 recently, IPS Research Fellow Dr Bilesha Weeraratne shed light on the brain drain phenomenon in Sri Lanka and highlighted the significance of comprehending and effectively managing migration in the Sri Lankan economy, especially in the context of the economic crisis. She further underscored the need to strike a delicate balance between the labour force required for the country’s economic recovery and the out-migration of workers.

While acknowledging the concerns associated with brain drain, Dr Weeraratne also pointed out that it’s crucial to recognise the potential for brain gain and brain circulation. She noted that exploring the positive aspects of remittances and considering the overall impact of migration could lead to a more nuanced understanding of this multifaceted issue.

Watch the full discussion HERE.