Dr Asanka Wijesinghe Draws Attention to the Challenges Social Delivery Organizations Face Amidst the Economic Crisis

8 -10 February 2023

IPS Research Fellow Dr Asanka Wijesinghe drew attention to the challenges faced by Sri Lanka’s Social Delivery Organizations (SDOs) sector in attracting local corporate funds and procurement of foreign input due to the ongoing economic crisis. He noted that a trust deficit is an existing structural impediment to the sector. He made these remarks while presenting the status of Sri Lanka’s SDO sector at the Doing Good Index 2024 workshop.

The Doing Good Index by the Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) examines eighteen Asian economies focusing on the regulations, tax policies, procurement and environmental factors that drive SDOs in Asia.  The fourth iteration of the study, the Doing Good Index 2024 is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2024. The IPS contributes to the Doing Good Index 2024 as a local partner organization.

The Doing Good Index 2024 workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand, with the participation of organizations and researchers from eighteen Asian economies. The workshop provided a platform to share experiences and identify best practices in the SDO sector survey, which is used to produce the Doing Good Index. Dr Asanka Wijesinghe and Research Assistant Chaya Dissanayake represented IPS at the event.

Economic Crisis
Economic Crisis