Discussion with MCC Delegates on Growth Constraints to Sri Lankan Economy

June 23, 2016
IPS Conference Room

IPS Executive Director, Dr. Saman Kelegama met with a US delegation representing Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), to discuss growth constraints to the Sri Lankan Economy, with regard to a need assessment for possible project funding.

MCC is considering Sri Lanka for MCC funding at the threshold level and a team from the US will be conducting an assessment of constraints to growth, with the aim of developing a potential assistance program for Sri Lanka. The MCC team, that plan to complete their analysis with the Government, met with Dr. Kelegama to obtain a second opinion in this regard.

The delegation comprised of representatives MCC James Gerard – Managing Director, Threshold Programs, Brad Cunningham – Economics Officer,  Anupma Jain – Senior Director, Gender and Social Inclusion, Beth Roberts – Program Officer, Finance, Investment and Trade, Will Cole – Policy Officer, Threshold Programs, as well as Tim O’Brien, Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID), Daniel Stock, Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID), and Doug Kent, Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy.