Disaster Management Policy and Practice in Sri Lanka: Sharing Lessons among Government, Civil Society and Private Sector


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Published Year

April 2007


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This publication which was prepared by the IPS as an outcome of a study that the Institute undertook in collaboration with Oxfam America provides recommendations to the government, NGOs, and other stakeholders in formulating policy on disaster management in Sri Lanka based on international best practices.

In April 2006, the Parliamentary Select Committee on Natural Disasters studied the relevant issues and presented their recommendations. The IPS publication contains a comprehensive analysis based on these recommendations as well as legal and policy documents, interviews with all stakeholders, including government, NGOs, private sector, community based organizations (CBOs), and local communities.

The publication highlights the need to take a multi-hazard approach rather than a tsunami only approach, with greater emphasis on mitigation and prevention. Further, it recommends the adoption of location specific approaches, focusing on coping strategies, and in addition, the need to ensure that adequate attention is paid to vulnerable groups.