Dilani Hirimuthugodage speaks on the importance of TRIPs agreement in protecting innovations

 28 January 2021

Dilani Hirimuthugodage, Research Economist at IPS, made a presentation on the ‘Importance of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (TRIPs) During COVID-19 Pandemic to Encourage Research, Innovations and Commercialisation’ at a national conference on ‘COVID 19: Impact, Mitigation, Opportunities and Building Resilience: From Adversity to Serendipity’ organised by the National Science Foundation on 27 and 28 January 2021. The virtual event brought together scientists, academics, professionals, economists, planners and policymakers to address high priority economic and social issues in a holistic manner.

Ms. Hirimuthugodage spoke on the importance of the TRIPs agreement in protecting innovations and encouraging Research and Development (R&D) during COVID-19 by securing huge investments in R&D and also attracting private investments in the fields of science, technology and medicine.