Dilani Hirimuthugodage Speaks on Indirect Promotion of Tobacco on Social Media

30 March 2021

Dilani Hirimuthugodage, Research Economist at IPS, made a presentation on ‘Indirect Promotion of Tobacco through Social Media’ at the launch of the research report ‘A Scientific Investigation of Tobacco and Alcohol Portrayal in Sri Lankan Media and its Public Health Implications’ organised by the Centre for Combating Tobacco (CCT), Sri Lanka at the Cinnamon Grand on 30th March 2021.

In her presentation, Dilani noted that although Sri Lanka has regulations on tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotions in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the country has not been able to effectively implement this regulation as it is difficult to control and monitor indirect promotions especially on the internet. She went on to outline some strategies Sri Lanka can adopt to address this issue including strengthening laws prohibiting tobacco advertisements online, and introducing an age-restricted access system so that minors are prevented from visiting sites with tobacco-related advertisements.

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