Development Progress Employment Case Study: Sri Lanka Case Study on Labour Market Analysis

This study aims to explain the employment progress achieved in Sri Lanka from 1990 to 2010.
To better understand where and how ‘employment progress’ has occurred in Sri Lanka, IPS Researchers engaged in the Development Progress case study with funding from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
The study begins with an analysis of the nature of employment progress from 1990-2010, using a wide array of indicators to capture the different dimensions of employment. It aims to identify factors affecting progress and future challenges. The study finds that the country has achieved progress in the labour market under unique and challenging conditions, including a civil war that lasted for three decades. The remaining challenges highlight the importance of improving equitable access to employment opportunities, education and vocational training, hybrid policy approaches and the importance of long-term policy consistency across different regimes.

Research team

Priyanka Jayawardena
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Anushka Wijesinha


Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London.

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