Developing World Requires More Support for ‘Climate-proofing’– Ruwan Samaraweera

7 November 2021

IPS Research Officer Ruwan Samaraweera spoke on climate justice at ‘The People’s Summit for Climate Justice: Sri Lankan Youth Energy, their Ideals and Vision for a Safe Earth’ organised by the COP 26 Coalition (UK) and the Postgraduate Institute of Science, University of Peradeniya.

Ruwan elaborated on how the developing world struggles to “climate-proof” themselves as they face inherent challenges such as poverty, inequity, unemployment and underemployment, and now COVID-19. “The trade-off for compromising their immediate development needs to comply with ambitious international agendas are highly significant. Therefore, developing countries should be offered more support in terms of technology transfer, climate finance, knowledge, etc.,” he said.

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